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A service for connectivity

Being connected is what determines today’s business success and failure. The more visible and better connected you are to the other businesses that you rely upon and vice versa. The connectivity has been provided by the internet, yet that which connects the physical locations of each business is also important. We would like to be in face to face contact with clients and other businesses even today. The human touch has not gone yet.

The centre

We are here discussing the service provided by the data centre in Seattle and the main businesses that are influenced by the centre and its capacity both physical and the cloud. It has been in business since 1995 and has proved itself ahead of the competitors ever since. The customer base has grown; the location has also grown many times in order to accommodate all those business that approach them for their service. Sharing of the physical space has been excellently for all these years. It has been able to fulfil the ever increasing demand for secure collocation space for the clients for connectivity and also management of Information Technology services and many more such aspects.

The capacity

The center has technologically well advanced features such as SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited facility, it operates on 20,000 square feet of raised floor which should prove to be essential for massive scale of operations in data services, 2.65 MW power capacity whereby there would be constant supply of power for all the needs which are enormous, they have both the carrier class and the carrier neutral, one of a kind fiber infrastructure, they have on the site fuel capacity of more than 70,000 gallons, apart from the general power supply they also have backing of UPS and the power generator, they have maintained an advanced fire detection system both laser and smoke.

It may be added that they have a perfectly temperature controlled environment, multi  layered facility for security such as CCTV, cameras, cages and lockable racks. They are fully monitored efficiently throughout the day and night; they offer customer access all through the year every day, every week and every month.

Exact location

The data centre is located at KOMO plaza, in suite 360 in Seattle, and the location address and location map are also displayed on the website. They can be contacted from the number displayed on the website, and the client can create a login and can sign in any time they want.

The new happenings

They have been acquired by the Investor group; they have formed an alliance of partnership with Schneider electric recently for their data facilitation, they have launched a virtual desk top, the customer base has increased two times at the data centre.

The other related centres

There are a few related data centres such as in Baltimore, Dallas, Tulsa, Spokane, Oklahoma city etc. The site map also has been provided on the website, the clients have to go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions before accepting to be clients at the data centre.

They have back up and connectivity services, managed security and firewalls, managed network and servers, certifications etc, they have resources such as case studies and collocation is possible for connectivity, bandwidth, power, facilities, and collocation benefits, they have cloud facilities such as back up cloud, production cloud and disaster recovery cloud etc.

They have offer for building career and offer jobs for the well talented individuals, many have given very high testimonials about the data centre which is very impressive and it is highly satisfying for a new entrant into the facility. With all these credentials the data center in Seattle is the facility to seek for all the business needs.