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Wireless VoIP – Basics You Need to Know

In an era of advanced technologies wireless networks are getting more popular and in-demand than ever. Nowadays even the most widely used VoIP communication may easily run through wireless networks.

Wireless VoIP benefits

Wi-Fi technology enables a wireless hub linking it to ATA. So if you and your friends are using IP phone and share the same wireless network, you have the chance to keep in touch with each other through Wireless LAN more quickly and cheaply. In other words, such Wi-Fi network may easily replace your cell phones, at the same time providing significant savings on your daily calls since you pay for the VoIP service only.

VoIP communication based on Wireless LAN is obviously less effort and time consuming, more convenient and efficient, but along with these advantages, it has its disadvantages as well, mainly:

•Wireless VoIP is mostly set in company environments, that is to say, it is best suited for corporate rather than in-house use

•Wireless networks rarely prevail wired ones in terms of quality, which is also the case with VoIP through Wireless LAN

•The use of VoIP over a wireless network is subject to more threats concerning security. Here communication reliability and VoIP security should be the top concern for many service providers

According to industry experts, soon-to-be-released future cell phones will all come with ready to use Wi-Fi applicable to set VoIP communication over wireless network.