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Which Factors May Reduce VoIP Call Quality?

The strong competition in VoIP market has brought to the improvement and growth of VoIP services prompting wholesale VoIP providers to strive for better service quality and more innovative VoIP solutions.

Nowadays a lot of companies switch to VoIP communication to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase their competitive advantage. However, the proper operation of VoIP systems puts forth a lot of special requirements the fulfillment of which can ensure the flawless and high-quality communication over VoIP.

Here are some of the major factors the presence of which may bring to the reduction in the quality of voice and data transmission through IP.

1. Inappropriate service from Internet Service Provider. Since VoIP uses the existing Internet connection for converting data, the circuit coming from the corresponding ISP should be reliable to ensure proper performance of the network routers. Malfunctioning of DSL and cable modem may also be the result of poor ISP service.

2. The lack of sufficient bandwidth. Make sure your Internet connection provides enough bandwidth for making multiple VoIP calls at once. In case of insufficient bandwidth your VoIP calls will not run smoothly.

3. Poor router. A VoIP router may greatly affect call quality. That’s why it is preferable to install a specialized router that will be able to properly handle the overall VoIP traffic on your network.

4. Abundance of Ethernet switches. To ensure the high quality of your VoIP call it is preferable to have a single Ethernet switch for it. Reaching the Internet required for VoIP network maintenance through multiple switches is not welcome and it is recommended to find additional wireless access points for all the other devices at home or in the office.

5. Improper configuration of internal network. The network that is responsible for transmitting voice and data should be installed and configured correspondingly based on the VoIP traffic.

Be sure to consider all these points so as to avoid any further complications in regard to your VoIP network performance. Voicebuy VoIP provider is ready to give solution to any issue you may come across and deliver you the best VoIP services.