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What is a Mobile VoIP Dialer?

Nowadays VoIP has become so easy and sophisticated that it can be used by non-technical people with the equal ease and perfection. But earlier, VoIP technology was used only with the computer device like desktop or laptop. Today things are changing, as the development of Mobile Dialer software application makes the VoIP communication go mobile. Mobile dialer is an application which is installed in a mobile device for making

VoIP calls directly from the mobile using the Internet. Mobile VoIP dialer is available for almost all the mobile operating systems and it uses the SIP platform for establishing connection to the communication network. In fact, today Mobile dialers have removed the traditional VoIP limitation of using PC or other VoIP devices, which are restricted to home environment.

How to make Mobile VoIP call?


To begin with, you should get a Smartphone which is Internet enabled and has a good processing capacity, as in order to have an outstanding sound quality, the processor of your mobile should be of good capacity. Then, you should find a compatible Mobile VoIP Dialer software for your Smartphone and install it on your device. After installing this software application, you should connect your mobile phone with Internet through 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi and get the subscription from a VoIP service provider. So, now you are ready to use VoIP technology on your mobile phone and talk to your family and friends who live abroad without thinking of high international call rates.

Why use VoIP Mobile Dialer?


Mobile Dialer offers users multiple advantages, including:

Voicebuy Mobile Dialer


Being one of the most reputable wholesale VoIP providers in the market, Voicebuy offers its customers high quality products, one of which is the Mobile Dialer. The product gives customers a valuable opportunity to save money and enjoy cheap long distance calls.

Mobile dialer makes VoIP termination process fast and easy and meets even the most demanding customers’ needs.

How to get Voicebuy Mobile Dialer?


Voicebuy is an international Mobile Dialer  Provider.  In order to get Voicebuy Mobile Dialer you should take the following steps:

While registering in the website of the company you will have the option of choosing Standard or Premium VoIP routes and many other opportunities. In fact, the opportunity of choosing the services according to your needs makes the process of using VoIP really enjoyable.

Mobile Dialer anti-block solution


Voicebuy offers a great solution for those Mobile Dialer users who live in the countries where the regular VoIP traffic is blocked. The users from such countries as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Ghana, and also some African countries, where VoIP services are blocked, can’t enjoy all the advantages of IP telephony. But, Mobile Dialer introduces an anti-block solution, so customers from any part of the world can use the VoIP software application on their mobile devices.

If you still have questions on this product, feel free to contact Voicebuy customer support service, that is available at 24/7.