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VoIP Security: How to Protect Your Network

As we all know, internet traffic can be insecure and sometimes even harmful to your computer and other devices connected to the internet. Internet telephony is not an exception. It is well known, that VoIP conversations are much more vulnerable to eavesdroppers than regular phone calls. One of the reasons for this is that IP phones and other internet telephony devices are not protected against network analyzers and other hacking tools. That’s because the traffic is not secure within your LAN or WAN. Like any other data, this problem can easily be solved by encrypting the VoIP network traffic.
Below are some ideas on how you can protect your network traffic:

  • Use network encryption software – check your provider to see what encryption services are available.
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) and IPsec (IP Security) – these two methods are the most reliable ways to protect your network. While TLS encrypts VoIP data traveling between two applications, IPsec encrypts information for two devices and all the applications running on them. Both protocols forbid unauthorized parties to capture and listen to the VoIP calls.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – if you are using a VPN, this will secure your connection. However, be aware that VPN will only secure the data from gateway to gateway and calls performed on your LAN will need an additional security.
  • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transfer Protocol) – this protocol is an ideal way to keep your call quality while protecting the VoIP traffic. With this protection method, a unique encryption key is created, which should match on both parties to make a successful call connection.

By using one or more of these security methods, you may be sure that your VoIP calls will become more secure, private and protected. VoIP technology does not guarantee any privacy and security, so it is on your responsibility how the protection of your calls will be realized.

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