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Top 3 Voip Security Threats

One of the previous posts spoke about how safe is your VoIP connection, however before you really understand how safe it is, you need to know what makes a potential threat to voice over internet protocol connection.

There are a lot of factors that disrupt the secure performance of VoIP and once you’re aware of VoIP security attacks, you can avoid them.

Below are three the most commonly known threats to the VoIP service.

Denial of service. Denial of service, usually known as DoS attack, spam and viruses are the common reasons for service disruption. They can impact VoIP connection, make it slow down or even totally unavailable. Disruption of service is what everyone tries to avoid as it leads to unplanned maintenance costs and so on.

Privacy threats. Nothing can be worse than losing privacy. One of the most common threats to privacy loss are call eavesdropping registration hijacking, insertion, disruption, impersonation, etc. In fact, an attacker can listen to your calls, use any valuable information you talk about, i.e. for instance any information on credit and debit cards, etc. A lot of cases in privacy theft were registered in the history of VoIP until the creation of VoIP-specific security technologies.

Service theft. Service theft includes call fraud, subscription fraud as well as non-payment. Many users subscribe for VoIP test call with different credentials and make use of free test service, while others talk on the expense of registered users. This is terrifying, however all the threats can be avoided , as there are a lot of calls tracking tools that help VoIP providers capture authentication credentials.

Now that you know VoIP security threats and if you doubt whether or not your connection is safe, we’re here to help you. Voicebuy is a trustworthy VoIP provider that uses all kinds of VoIP-specific security technologies!

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