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Voicebuy introduces one of the most successful software applications for your mobile device.

Mobile Dialer is a free software application, which can be easily installed on your mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.). This application makes the dialing and receiving VoIP calls possible from any corner of the world when you take your mobile device with you.

VoIP calls with flexible rates, depending on the country you are dialing to, are now on your mobile device. The cheap calls, easy-to-dial options, the fast and secure performance are the main advantages of making international calls with premium call quality. With Mobile Dialer, you can perform calls just in seconds, without contacting the operator and waiting in the queue for being connected.

Mobile Dialer is a great opportunity to save your time and money, to remain in touch with your friends, colleagues and business independent whether you are at home, office, travelling or on vacation.

Mobile Dialer is designed to run on mobile devices with the following operating systems: iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. You can download your copy of Mobile Dialer and read details on how to install and configure Mobile Dialer from our website: Voicebuy Mobile Dialer.

Enjoy using Mobile Dialer and you will experience all advantages of VoIP calls on your mobile device.

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