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VoIP Gateways and Its Types

Many of you use VoIP services, however few can imagine what a VoIP gateway is and how it works. VoIP gateway (or PSTN Gateway) is a device that transmits telephony traffic into IP and then transmits over data network. VoIP gateways are basically used in two following ways:

PSTN/telephone lines to VoIP/SIP. For a better understanding how VoIP gateway work, be aware that calls can be received and placed on telephony network by means of VoIP gateway. Despite fast-growing technology development, small and even large enterprises prefer using traditional phone lines. This is explained by the fact that traditional phone lines provide with higher call quality.

PBX phone system to IP network. In a similar way, VoIP gateways transmit calls via VoIP. Afterward, calls are either placed by VoIP providers or by routing via the broadband Internet connection. Basically, many of VoIP gateways are available as external units; however some are available as PCI cards.

Now that you’re aware what a VoIP gateway is and how it works, time to discuss its types.
There are two different types of VoIP gateways: analog units and digital units.

  • Analog units: This type of units is used to connect regular analog phone lines to VoIP gateways.
    The availability of analog units makes 2-24 lines.
  • Digital units: Another type of VoIP gateway is digital units. Like analog units are used for connection
    analog phone lines to VoIP gateway, in a similar way digital units are used for connecting digital
    lines to VoIP gateway, i.e. BRI ISDN lines, PRI/E1 or T1.

A better understanding of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) performance, its gateways and gateway types leads to an effective deploying of connection. If you have any questions concerning VoIP, feel free to contact Voicebuy team.

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