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Voicebuy an International Wholesale VoIP Termination Provider

The world around us is growing rapidly, at each moment, thousands of people are immigrating to different countries to study or in search of the job or doing a business. In fact, the one and only entity that connects people is the technology. Today’s technology has given rise to VoIP call termination, a word that is fast spreading across the globe among individuals and small businesses, corporations and enterprises. It is a path through which voice is sent over Internet.

Voice Traffic Termination

Voice traffic termination, also known as call termination, is the routing of telephone calls from one telephone company ( also known as a carrier or provider) to another. The originating point is the calling party who initiates the call and the terminating point is end point or the called party.
This term is often applied to VoIP calls. A call, which is initiated as a VoIP call is terminated using PSTN. In fact, in this case termination services can be sold as a separate commodity. Call origination is the opposite of call termination, in which a call initiated from the PSTN is terminated using VoIP. So , in case of “origination” a call is originated from PSTN and goes to VoIP, while in “termination” a call is originated in VoIP and terminates to the PSTN.

Hardware Requirements

The only hardware needed for VoIP termination is a gateway which takes calls off the Internet and then delivers them onto PSTN lines. A gateway has these two types of interfaces:

  • An Ethernet interface which connects the gateway to the Internet.
  • One or more telephony interfaces that take analog or digital phone lines.

An analog line may take one phone call at a time but a digital line can take more calls. A T1 lines takes 24 calls and supports 1.5 Mbits, an E1 lines takes 30 calls and supports 2Mbits simultaneously. A digital gateway usually has 4 T1s or 4 E1s and costs between US$1000 ~ US$2000/E1 (30 ports).

International Voice Traffic: Wholesale Voice Market

During the past 20 years international voice traffic has grown at a compounded rate of just over 13 percent annually. This growth was especially rapid during the late 1990s and early 2000s due to market liberalization, the global proliferation of mobile phones, and the emergence of pre-paid phones and calling cards, which brought telecommunications services to millions of people in developing countries. A mature international wholesale voice market has developed over the past decade and greatly increased its efficiency. Traffic terminated by wholesale carriers grew 11 percent in 2012, to 330 million minutes. Wholesale traffic has consistently expanded faster than aggregate traffic. The share of global traffic transported by wholesale carriers has grown from 45 percent in 2003 to 65 percent in 2012. Traffic increases to emerging market countries have particularly fostered wholesale market growth, and wholesale carriers account for a disproportionate share of traffic terminated to many emerging market destinations.

VoIP termination service providers: Voicebuy as a leading VoIP wholesale termination provider

There are many providers that offer VoIP call termination services. Being registered and having a physical international network in the country a tier-1 operator has the right to originate and terminate a call using Internet telephony services. A tier 2 operator can initiate call termination over the Internet by leasing a portion of network from a tier 1 operator. There are also tier 3 operators who lease network services from both tier 1 and tier 2 service providers. In fact, it saves tier 2 and tier 3 operators much of the cost of infrastructure and registration. Besides them, there are wholesale call termination providers and resellers of voice over IP telephony which also offer similar termination facilities.
Voicebuy is one of the international wholesale VoIP termination providers having interconnections with up to 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms. With Voicebuy customers can make quality, fast and cheap calls at any corner of the world. By providing low-rate VoIP wholesale termination Voicebuy strengthens its position on the world market, broadening its geographical scope and getting more customers with each passing day. Voicebuy offers services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers as well as call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers. Customers can configure VoIP software, register in Voicebuy’s web site, make the prepayment and enjoy the package of high-grade services that it offers. Among these high quality services are: