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Factors That Affect VoIP Call Quality

Have you ever thought about factors affecting the VoIP calls quality and stability? In fact, there are several major factors on which the quality of your IP call depends. Let’s list the most important ones:


The internet connection quality is the most important factor affecting on the conversation quality. Stable network and correct bandwidth will result in a reliable and qualified IP calls. Don’t expect a good VoIP conversation if you’re using small bandwidth network connections, e.g. dial-up.


The compression of the VoIP data packets, which is called Codec is the second most important factor to ensure the quality of VoIP calls. The compression Codec should be supported by both sides of the conversation and while one Codec supports poor quality by using less bandwidth, other Codecs might provide an excellent voice quality while using more bandwidth. It’s up to the network administrator and the internet connection speed to choose the best Codec for the VoIP conversation.

VoIP Equipment

The VoIP equipment (routers, IP phones, etc.) have a significant impact on the VoIP conversation quality. Before you choose equipment for your VoIP environment, make a research and read the characteristics of the devices. Remember, that devices with the lowest price most probably won’t give you the best quality.

Pay particular attention to the interference of your VoIP devices in the network. It may come up that the VoIP router from one manufacturer won’t work properly with the VoIP phones you have installed in the network. Else, phone frequency may also cause connectivity holes.

Think well how you install the VoIP devices in your network. Sometimes, users complain about the echo in the call or robotic noise. This may be a result of incorrect network setup, e.g. devices installed to close to each other.

Climate Conditions

This factor is the only one on which we cannot interfere. However, this factor sometimes causes failures in the VoIP connection. Heavy rain, strong wind, thunderstorm may result in unstable conversation, voice delay or call drops. The best advice in that condition is to unplug all your network devices and plug them back again.

Make sure you have considered all these factors and enjoy stable VoIP conversations with Voicebuy.
If you have any difficulties or questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.