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VoIP as a Tool for Efficient Communication in Different Spheres

Efficient communication is critical to any sphere of modern life and the choice of efficient communication tools leads to better prospects and is a key to success. But before explonig the tools and ways for making communication efficient in busines, workplace or in public relations, let’s check it’s definition: “Efficient communication is the ability to deliver a clear message in the shortest amount of time

Nowadays more mature technologies, like telephone, are being complemented and sometimes superseded by new tools. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of these new tools. This technology is quickly being adopted by different firms, government agencies and industries, as it brings together old and new technologies to provide powerful and cost-effective models of efficient communication for both individuals and businesses.

Hotel Industry

Nowadays, in order to stay competitive, hotels should provide all the amenities of a remote office, from telephone and fax to Internet and entertainment. In fact, the cost of maintaining the multiple networks of cable which are necessary to provide separate voice and data has led to a rising movement in hospitality towards VoIP communications. With VoIP, both guests and staff can stay connected to the information they need. Migrating to a VoIP service reduces maintenance and labor costs of hotels. Compared with traditional fixed line phone services adding new rooms, reconfiguring phone lines and maintaining VoIP systems is relatively cheap and easy to do. Hotels also save untold labor hours through the utilization of VoIP handset color screens instead of individual, in room, paper based guest information, menus and contact lists. With VoIP hotels also enjoy abundant features for the same price, including call hold and transfers, voice-mail, conference calls, call waiting, call forwarding and so on. These features enhance hotels’ potential to grow to attract the premium guest market at the same time reducing the costs of operating these services under a traditional fixed line service. VoIP phone system offers special call routing features for employees who are always on the go. These features allow mobile employees to always stay in touch and because calls are made over the Internet and any device that has a broadband connection, like PCs, laptops, tablets are suitable for this highly-flexible phone system.


As Voice over Internet Protocol technology matures, banks, are also beginning to realize the cost savings associated with VoIP and are increasingly adopting VoIP solutions. VoIP is actually an attractive proposition to financial services firms, as with frequent calling between widely dispersed locations, telephony is a major cost to banks. In fact, VoIP increases productivity at the same time saves a lot of money. Converging voice and data systems makes it possible for banks to merge operations that were once separate, and it also helps to control the system from a central location.

VoIP adoption took place earlier with small and mid-size banks, but now large banks are also moving to VoIP system, including Bank of America, which is rolling out VoIP across its entire U.S. operation. The main driver of VoIP adoption is not only cost savings, but also the abilities to improve staff efficiency and improve customer service. VoIP relies on packet switching, it breaks down a voice call into bite-size information packets and the information is sent and received as needed, instead of keeping the switch open all the time, so this allows excess line capacity to be used for carrying other data. When the voice data arrives at its destination, it is reassembled into a voice call.


Today many colleges, higher education institutions and also K-12 schools have chosen Voice over Internet Protocol as an efficient communication solution. VoIP offers a world of opportunities for better communication between instructors, parents, students and advisors. The most essential benefit of using VoIP is to provide better interaction between parents and instructors at schools or higher education institutions than traditional techniques. Keeping parents involved in the education loop is a very effective method for improving student performance, building closer relations between education staff and students’ families. One of the most interesting ways to use VoIP in the classroom is to take the class online, that’s to say to the virtual world of education. In this case, students have the chance to apply some of what they learned by creating virtual scenarios, testing social thoughts, and designing alternative and effective solutions to real world problems.
VoIP systems also play a central role in distance learning, as it helps educators reach traditionally separated students, even if they are socioeconomically disadvantaged or geographically spread out. VoIP based systems are effective for online classes. Incorporating voice chat allows students to experience a synchronous learning environment which provides a more promising success than offline classes. It should also be mentioned that separated students can work collaboratively on group projects, gaining essential team management skills they will need in their after school life.

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