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VoIP and Fax Services

The advent of VoIP technology has resulted in the development of more enhanced communication solutions. With an abundance of user-friendly features and easy handling, VoIP services continue to appeal to a lot of businesses and individuals. Such rapid advancement of VoIP has brought about a more affordable, accessible and convenient model of internet powered communication which can contribute a lot to business productivity.

Along with manageable telephone service features, VoIP also serves users with fax delivery solutions through IP network. Interned based fax services over VoIP may be implemented in several ways.

T38 is the most common protocol designed to transmit data over IP networks. T38 enables the conversion of fax traffic into IP packets that may be identified by VoIP systems. Fax server binds the public switched telephone network (PSTN) line and IP network. Either IP fax machines or computers may be used for sending and receiving fax through this method. This type of real time faxing through VoIP comes in handy for organizations in particular since it does not require the maintenance of additional phone lines.

Another protocol that allows fax data to be carried over IP is T.37. This may be defined as an offline faxing method since here fax messages are stored firstly and only after being sent they are delivered to the recipient. As such, data may also be stored on the server and delivered as an e-mail message with the fax attachment. IP-enabled Internet fax machines or standard email clients may be used.

Fax over VoIP may also be supported by G.711 protocol. The main pitfall of G.711 is considered to be the non-compressibility of fax messages. This protocol requires at least 64 kbps bandwidth for data receipt and transmission. Such a broadband fax transmission canal is most relevant on the local network.

A lot of businesses are moving their fax traffic into the IP network since there are a great many advantages Fax over IP (FoIP) may offer. If you are also one of them and are in search of a reliable VoIP provider, contact us today and you will get the best solutions.