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Voicebuy VoIP Provider is among the Top Five VoIP Providers for 2014

VoIP services are rising in popularity day by day, so businesses are looking for reliable wholesale VoIP providers to increase their sales potential. Taking into account many factors, including features, expert opinions, pricing, benefits, consumer reviews and more 1010PhoneRates.com released its list of the top five wholesale VoIP providers for 2014. Voicebuy is among the top five wholesale VoIP providers. According to 1010PhoneRates.com “The company offers high discounts, free PBX services, as well as abundant features such as mobile dialers, SIP trunking and switch partitioning. VoIP reseller program is amazing, as it enables businesses to build their own special networks that can help their companies save up to 90 percent off their regular phone bills. Such high savings can be essential to a business that is trying to increase its profits. Moreover, Voicebuy offers a line of billing features, such as call back, PC to phone services and pinless access.”

VoIP service market analysis

Since technology is becoming more cloud-based, the telephone industry is shifting from outdated technology to VoIP systems that offer the cost-effectiveness, security and scalability which companies require in modern high-tech world. Today VoIP has grown into an essential cornerstone of telecom industry, it is among the top ten most dynamic industries, accompanying Internet publishing and broadcasting, biotechnology, video games, e-commerce and online auctions, solar power and etc. This technology is quickly being adopted by different industries and is actively penetrating into such spheres as education, national security, banking and many others, as it brings together old and new technologies to provide high-quality and cost-effective models of communication for individuals and businesses. Analysts mention the growing popularity of VoIP solutions especially in business sector. According to Infonetics Research, in spite of the economic downturn, businesses continue switching from landline phone service to VoIP. Many experts predict massive growth of VoIP service markets in the coming years. In fact, there are several major factors fostering the growth of this technology. Among these factors are rising demand for affordable communication services across the globe, the transition from circuit switched networks to packet switched networks. The competition among the telecommunication service providers and Internet service providers also plays a significant role in terms of product and service differentiation. According to a study carried out by Transparency Market Research the global VoIP services market was valued at USD 70.90 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach USD 136.76 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2014 to 2020. This study analyzes global VoIP services market in terms of geography, end-use, configuration and call type. Statistics show that VoIP is going to change the way people communicate and VoIP revolution may be compared with mobile revolution of last years.

Voicebuy- leading international wholesale VoIP termination provider

Voicebuy, a leading international wholesale VoIP termination provider, is owned and operated by Voice Trader LLC, a company in USA. Wilmington Award Program selected Voice Trader LLC for the 2013 and 2014 Best of Wilmington Award in the category of Internet Connectivity Services.
Voicebuy is one of the most reputable VoIP companies in the world market, the company aims to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small and medium-sized VoIP providers. It is dealing with around 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa providing them with high quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices.

Voicebuy offers its customers the following services:


  • Hosted PBX – It helps businesses build their own business telephone network and make the communication between their offices in different countries effective by creating a single phone network through PBX.
  • Mobile dialer – It is a software application for those who use mobile phones as a way to make and receive VoIP calls.
  • Business VoIP – Voicebuy delivers a range of converged VoIP services to combine and simplify your business communication tools.
  • SIP trunking – It enables the direct connection between company’s private branch exchange (PBX) and Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) through VoIP technology with the aim to initiate telephone calls.
  • VoIP Switch Partitioning – It has been proved to be an effective business model due to the fact that it allows customers and carriers to establish their own ITSP services without being required to make any costly investments or hardware installations.

Voicebuy reseller program

The wholesale VoIP provider has a unique and feature-rich VoIP reseller program. This product helps businesses provide VoIP services without making any global investment. Both individuals and organizations can become VoIP resellers and benefit from multiple advantages,that this amazing reseller program offers, including reseller website, SIP server, Billing server, mail server, ticket management system and many others.

Voicebuy survey

According to the survey conducted by Voicebuy support team, customers mentioned that the reasons for choosing Voicebuy were the stability, security and quality of Voicebuy VoIP termination. Voicebuy values greatly customers’ reviews and works hard in order to improve the quality of service and offer VoIP users secure and stable VoIP Termination.

The president of Voice Trader LLC Armenak Khachatryan says, “We provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at competitive rates. By providing low-rate VoIP wholesale termination, we strengthen our position on the world market, broadening our geographical scope and getting more customers with each passing day.

We offer our services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers. Our customers need to configure VoIP software, register in our web site, make the prepayment and enjoy the package of high-grade services we offer. Moreover, we give our customers the opportunity of checking the quality of service, by providing them with $1 credit for a free VoIP test call. Referring to our future plans, I would like to mention that we are going to introduce new and more sophisticated features for business sector by the end of this year. Our main task is to meet our customers needs and in order to achieve this goal, we are constantly working hard to provide high quality service at most affordable prices”.

Finally, in response to the customers’ question “What to consider while choosing a reliable wholesale VoIP provider?”, Armenak Khachatryan answered, “Choosing a reliable VoIP provider is a very essential task, as in case you have chosen a non-quality VoIP provider, this will turn your long-term plans upside-down. There are a few things to consider in order to determine if you are choosing the right VoIP provider: price, service, customer support and user reviews. Explore the above mentioned issues in detail in order to make the best choice”.