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Voicebuy Virtual PBX Features

The traditional PBX system is rigid and lacks the scalability to acclimate to the ebb and flow of the industry. It hampers true integration and seamless connectivity of staffs who reside in far-off locations. Most of the business enterprises are in search of a phone service that operates out-of-the-box. Something that can help the business flourish with rich aspects and of supreme quality. Here at Voicebuy, we boast a cheap PBX phone system that anyone can use with much ease. It renders a pleasing user experience that doesn’t make any compromise on functionality.

Voicebuy has revolutionized business phone network with its cutting-edge free virtual PBX service. We have in store for you an exceptionally powerful and easy-to-use tool for handling and directing phone calls. Voicebuy offers free hosted PBX which is crafted explicitly for your business requirements. Hosted PBX functions on the basis of your prevailing network. Flexible call plans and user-friendly system empower you to be on the right track. At the end of the day, you could cherish an invincible virtual PBX experience through Voicebuy. We believe that the customer is the center of our PBX system and offer seven days free trial offer and you can use up to 3 extensions free of cost.

Virtual PBX offers users complete access to auto attendant features with advanced call forwarding services. Customers can enjoy standard PBX features like voicemail, automated greetings, call parking and conference calling.

What is hosted PBX system?

Your telephone system is run and managed by your VoIP service provider through hosted PBX system. You can work with your prevailing telephone service or can totally replace it. It can be depicted as a completely managed, enterprise-grade telephone system that exploits cloud-based technology to flourish your venture. Hosted PBX system helps to connect your head office to far-flung offices, teleworkers and traveling employees through one seamless phone system.

Why you need a hosted PBX system?


  • Cost Savings- You need not purchase telephone system nor maintain it. This allows you to get away with huge upfront investment. By adopting hosted PBX system, you can save substantially in the long run as well.
  • Geographical Flexibility – Hosted PBX system is flexible and staffs can work from anywhere – be it from the comfort of the home or other remote offices. Hosted PBX system helps to bridge the distance, empowering alliance among units situated halfway around the world.
  • Guarantees Business Continuity – Virtual PBX systems are impervious to power failures and local network issues. You can safeguard your telephone system from mishaps and adversities by migrating to the cloud. You need not be bothered about risk of downtime.
  • Scalability – With virtual PBX systems, you can expand your business by adding as many users, gadgets and numbers to your account as needed.
  • Integrate with other media – You can merge your communications effectively through hosted SIP PBX
  • Ease of use – You can use hosted PBX systems easily, even if you have no technical expertise. All it takes is a few clicks in the simple interface and you are good to go. By implementing hosted PBX system, you can concentrate more on mission-critical tasks instead of spending more time on admin related tasks.
  • Credibility – You can foster credibility in prospective clients by offering customers professional sounding telephone solutions.
  • Local presence- You can easily get hold of a virtual DID number in a city where you are not present physically. The Local presence will increase the reliability of prospective clients in your business.

Hosted PBX features that Voicebuy has to offer you


  • Forwarding – This feature enables you to forward the call to another destination if the called extension is in another call or unable to pick the call.
  • Hunt groups – This feature allows to call multiple destinations when the incoming call is received. This assists you in managing high call volumes by initiating multiple phones to ring, concurrently or in an order you want it to be.
  • Music on hold – User can even upload the audio files to be used as a music on hold. Customers can’t stand being placed on hold, but playing music while they wait, will make the experience a little more endurable
  • Group pickup feature – If the call is ringing in one disk, and another desk owner wants to pick the call, it can be realized by making use of the group pickup feature.
  • Intercom – Intercom calls can be of great importance, especially during announcements.
  • Call parking – You may even enable call parking which could be later picked up at a remote destination. Read more on Vocebuy  Hosted PBX features here: http://new.voicebuy.com/hosted-pbx-features/

With Voicebuy, you have someone who is eager to know about your business. Let us help you in making the evolution to high-quality digital voice technology and take your business to the next level. Sign up to Voicebuy today and create your small business network!