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Voicebuy Reviews. Why so Many People like Voicebuy

Just for those who do not know, Voicebuy is an International VoIP services provider created mainly to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small and medium-sized VoIP providers. The company is dealing with around 100 vendors worldwide, providing them with high-quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices.

In the past and now again we do stress that the satisfaction of our customers, their comfort and positive feedback is number one priority for our team. Therefore we value your every feedback, be it in the form of a comment or a verbal praise, because that will help us to make our service even better. Below you will find the feedback of some of our customers.

We have not selected them specially, or have asked them to say something nice about us.
Everything is natural and random, as it is in life and as it should ideally be. They come from every country and have different professions. Again, if we produce tons of self-praise, that is just a self-praise, but what others are saying is an asset, which testifies to our work better than our own assessments.

Under each feedback, we have added our own explanation referring to that comment.

“Professional service and friendly customer support. A must to do business with!”
Toni Mayasi(Cyprus)

Voicebuy: Sure, for we strive to make every chain of our operation more and more developed and professional. No customer will put up with a staff, which cannot perform or solve on a professional level.

“I am happy with Voicebuyservices. Route quality is excellent, rates are low and during our long term cooperation we haven’t encountered any serious problems. Also, I am very pleased with Voicebuy support team. Thank you!”

Steffan Leonardsen(Danemark)

Voicebuy: Not only you Steffan, but all customers are happy with Voicebuy’s services. You are rightly explaining why – low rates and excellent sound quality. And our support team does everything to assure that not a single issue stays unsolved and that everything is clear and plain.

“It’s a very good service, some people from staff have even called me to my cellphone to help me. I give you 5 stars. Thanks!”

Alejandro Pire (Mexico)

Voicebuy: By all means we try to solve any issue on the spot, we understand that every second is vital for the customer. But it for some reason it is not possible to solve the issue on the post, then we can call the customers mobile and tell him/her the solution as soon as there is a working answer. And we do all so that the solution is available

“Good service. Easy and friendly! Had not any problem to use this service.”

Oleg Kobyakovskiy (Ukraine)

Voicebuy: Yes, as Oleg said, we make sure that our service is as easy and plain to the user as possible. That refers both to the registration and the communication itself. Moreover, we value our customers and want to be not only business partners, but friends.

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Thank you!