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Voicebuy Upgrades to next Generation Network

Voicebuy announces about the new improved network launch. The new technical improvements provide a fully redundant connectivity for the VoIP calls on various directions. The increased stability, premium call quality, more effective call flow will positively surprise our customers. You are invited to enjoy the reliable calls with any destination in the world.

Voicebuy also announces about the integration of the next generation network which will makes possible Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) connections usage.

TDM is the digital process that allows several connections to share the high bandwidth of a link. Instead of sharing the portion of the bandwidth like FDM, time is shared here in TDM. Each connection occupies a portion of time in link. In TDM, data rate of link that carries data from ‘n’ connections must be ‘n’ times the data rate of a connection to guarantee the flow of data. Therefore, the duration of unit in a connection is ‘n’ times the duration of a time slot in frame.

This technology provides a reliable connectivity and the best possible IP calls quality and Voicebuy is proud to offer this advanced VoIP services to its customers.

Try our upgraded network and experience the advantages of low cost VoIP calls all over the world.