VoiceBuy MIX


Three VoIP Routes in One

Want to use all routing option at the same time? Want full control over rates and quality for every call you make? Our unique VoiceBuy MIX option combines all routing plans into one convenient and easy to use package. Choose “VoiceBuy MIX” when registering and simply add a specific prefix to every call you make. The system will automatically select a specific routing option for you.

Standard Route

Selection code – 9991

This route is for the users who prefer medium quality and the lowest rates. It is a least-cost solution and is mainly for price-oriented customers. With Standard route, you save your money, enjoy quality VoIP termination and reach any corner of the world.

Premium Route

Selection code – 9992

Premium route is for those customers who consider the quality on the first place. It’s more expensive than the Standard route, however much cheaper than any other VoIP provider may offer. Premium route ensures up to 50% ASR and ACD from 5 to 10 minutes. Voicebuy Premium route is the best premium VoIP route in the market.

Premium+ Route

Selection code – 9993

Premium plus route offers the highest possible VoIP route quality. With the particular VoIP route, you won’t have to think about call disruption, call sound problems, etc. Premium Plus ensures up to 65% ASR and ACD from 5 to 10 minutes. Voicebuy offers Premium Plus, as well as other VoIP routes, at the most favorable price.