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In today’s busy life, it is so imperative for you to keep in touch with those who are valuable to you – both at the job and in your personal life. With Voicebuy virtual phone number, you can receive calls from local and international numbers in more than 60 strategic countries around the globe and then forwarded promptly to your desired landline number.

Voicebuy is the market leader in offering high-quality inbound communication (often referred to as direct inward dialing or virtual DID numbers) in more than 60 countries. Voice services rendered by Voicebuy help to broaden the reach of voice-enabled services globally at competitive rates. We render a vast selection of international wholesale DID numbers to our customers. Proficient and amiable support personnel at Voicebuy make your experience pleasant and hassle-free.

What is DID Number

DID Numbers are virtual numbers that enable users to route calls to prevailing telephone lines. DID Numbers were created with a view to allocating certain employees a direct number, which helps to do away with multiple physical phone lines. With a DID number, firms can route and process thousands of concurrent calls to appropriate extensions. DID empowers users to reuse a limited number of physical phone lines by routing the inbound calls effectively. DID numbers play a vital role for enterprises where direct customer-to-employee communication is an indispensable factor.
Firms can incorporate local, mobile and toll-free numbers from more than 60 countries, giving them a de facto local presence throughout the globe, which is primarily useful for contact centers, retail stores and the conference calling industries. We have our presence felt in strategic countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and the list keeps growing.
A toll-free number is a remarkable asset for companies with customer bases that span across a country. It enables callers to reach the company without worrying about paying long-distance charges. Toll-free number helps to add integrity to your brand. You can foster your opportunities by enabling the potential clients to call you from across the globe.
Our platform is the right option for companies, which need dependable and scalable DID numbers, at affordable rates from numerous countries around the globe. We, at Voicebuy, have a global footprint of high quality DID numbers with intelligent call routing features. This makes our platform the immaculate option for enterprises, which have an eye on the worldwide market. Companies can empower a global reach with improved geographical DID coverage. With DID, your telephone number is no longer restricted by geographical precincts.
To purchase DID number for a specific area, you do not need to have a physical office address in that location. Imagine if you have business in San Francisco, and you would like to extend your services to Los Angeles. You can get a DID number for Los Angeles, and forward it to your mobile number in San Francisco. When customers from Los Angeles, calls the contact number for Los Angeles, it will be answered by staff in San Francisco. Having local numbers across multiple locations fosters the odds of getting calls from those locations.
There is no upper limit on the count of DID numbers you can get for a specific location. One can make use of a virtual telephone number to forward calls to different telephone numbers contingent on the time of day and the day of the week.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol and is considered as the buzzword in communication niche. By using VoIP, voice can be converted into a digital signal, which travels over IP networks like the internet. Compared to landlines and cell phones, users are assured the best rates for local and long distance calling. Moreover, it insists on little infrastructure to function and empower users to move, travel or go anywhere and still can rely on the same number.

What is needed to have an active DID number?

In order to have an active DID number, you need to:
1. Have a working transfer line to which calls can be forwarded and which could be either a land line, cell phone, or digital line.
2. Sign up or login to your Voicebuy user interface
3. Select the country, where you want to have a local presence and finally buy the DID Number

Why do you need to consider Voicebuy DID number?

Voicebuy guarantees high Quality of Service (QoS) in every segment of the network by exploiting finest technology and applications available today. This makes us the leading VoIP US DID Number provider.

  • Call history for each of the DID virtual is offered by Voicebuy, which helps the users to have a quick glance over the history of incoming calls
  • Flat-rate billing, no per minute fees
  • Web-based account access, which is easy to use and intuitive

Voicebuy IP PBX features enable users to configure incoming call to a particular extension in your firm, where an assigned employee, which can be recorded as a voice mail, will receive it. You can redirect it to your mobile phone or to the Skype account.