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Voicebuy Infographic “Funny Facts from Telecom Industry”

Dear Friends! We at Voicebuy have collected some interesting, funny and amusing facts from telecom industry and visualized them in form of an infographic. Read the infograpic and if you would like to share this cool illustration on your website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into the html of any website or blog.

Hello instead of Ahoy


In 19th century people never imagined that a breathless object can make any communicative sound, moreover emit a sound similar to human voice or speech. Whoever claimed it possessed such a thing was risking to be blamed in witchcraft, be ridiculed as a fool or crazy man or may even be prosecuted (gladly it was 19 century, so no burnings would take place). That’s why we can imagine the eyes of the Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II, who saw Graham Bell’s instrument at Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876, just the year Bell invented telephone. Dom Pedro was amazed and exclaimed – My God, it talks! To which Bell probably answered – Hello!

How mice helped to develop durable wires


From that moment on, the telephone industry began. As there were no mobile those days, every instrument was connected with wires to another. It happened that mice were especially happy about this idea, for they begun interrupting human communications for having the wires as their lunch. Thus, more durable wires were needed to withstand mice and wire industry was boosted. As more and more people were connected with wires, more communications happened and some people just liked it so much they wanted to use it day and night (similar to Facebook). The wires eventually were overburdened, bringing the need to limit conversation time. Therefore near telephones various signs appeared, like “Keep it short” very German style sign near public telephones in Germany from 1943 to 1970.

First SMS message


Getting tired of this wire thing, an American engineer Martin Cooper thought and invented mobile phone in 1973. But these mobiles had no keyboards at first, that’s why when a British software architect Neil Papworth wanted to send the very first SMS message to his friend’s mobile in December 1992, he used his PC. The fist SMS was Merry Christmas. Papworth was working in Sema Group company, who wanted to specialize in text sending systems and was developing a Short Message Sending Center for Vodafone UK. That first message was part of the SMS test work and it did work.

Simon and IBM


As mobile phones developed, first smart-phone appeared in 1993 called IBM Simon. Why they were called Simon nobody guessed, but it had a touch screen, calendar, fax, other apps, which were called features. Now those will be considered obsolete of course, but who cares, for statistics show that people more often use their mobiles as a pocket watch.

Why criminals like VoIP games


Everything went smooth and tidy for telephony, business was in demand and growing. In 1973 however a protocol called Network Voice Protocol was created and in 1974 first voice over IP call was made through ARPANET, which was the kind of Internet of that time. From 1995 VoIP industry begun growing and with more features and possibilities becomes the most needed and cheap communication protocol especially in companies. This could not naturally pass the attention of criminals who like to chat about their evil deeds unnoticed. It became known that some criminal groups are using some games to chat with each other so that police could not find them. With Internet becoming more widespread it is evident that VoIP may eventually replace the traditional telephony altogether.

Funny Facts from Telecom Industry – An infographic by the team at Voicebuy Infographic “Funny Facts from Telecom Industry”

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