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Voicebuy DID Numbers. How to Buy and Use

  1. What are DID Numbers?

DID Numbers are virtual numbers that enable users to route calls to prevailing telephone lines. DID Numbers were created with a view to allocating certain employees a direct number, which helps to do away with multiple physical phone lines. With a DID number, firms can route and process thousands of concurrent calls to appropriate extensions.

  1. Who may use the service?

DID service offered by Voicebuy is ideal for both residential and business use. However, DID services cannot be utilized for the following purposes: dialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing, fax or voicemail broadcasting

  1. What are the advantages of owning a DID Number?

VoIP DID providers can empower a global reach with improved geographical DID coverage. With DID, your telephone number is no longer restricted by geographical precincts.

You can receive calls from local and international numbers in more than 60 strategic countries around the globe.

Firms can incorporate local, mobile and toll-free numbers from more than 60 countries, giving them a de facto local presence around the globe. This can be really useful for contact centers, retail stores and the conference calling industries. Having local numbers across multiple locations increases the probability of getting calls from those locations.

Our platform is the right option for VoIP DID providers who need dependable and scalable DID numbers, at reasonable rates from numerous nations around the globe.

We, at Voicebuy, have a global footprint of high quality wholesale DID numbers with intelligent call routing features.

Call history for each of the DID virtual is rendered by Voicebuy, which empowers the users to have a quick peek over the history of incoming calls.

  1. How to select and buy a DID number?

Users can have access to local and toll-free DID numbers in many popular international cities.

  • Log in to Voicebuy portal and select “DID Management
  • Click on “Order” tab. Select the country in the “Select country” drop-down
  • Now a list opens up with details like prefix code, city name, set up fee and monthly price details
  • Select the city from the list
  • Click on the “Buy” icon in the extreme right side of the row
  • In “DID Term” drop-down select any one option from 1 Month/ 3 Month/6 Month/ 12 Months
  • Click on “Buy now

For more info on DIDs check our DIDs FAQs

  1. How to make payment for the DID?

Users are offered multiple options to make payment for the DID – If you have a sufficient account balance, the amount will be deducted from your account balance.

User can also make payment through PayPal, Skrill or Wire transfer

  1. How does the autorenewal option work, what happens, if I don’t use that option?

Voicebuy offers users the facility to automatically renew the DID numbers so that it would not be lost in case of a delayed manual renewal.

User can adopt the following steps to use auto-renew

  • Log in to your Voicebuy account
  • Navigate to “DID Management” section
  • Select the corresponding DID number which you want to renew
  • Check “Renew” checkbox
  • Press “Save

If the user didn’t enable the auto-renew option, he will receive the first auto-renew order 7 days prior to the service expiration day.  If the user does not enable autorenewal, a second warning message will be sent to the customer 48 hours before service expiration day.

This allows for ample time period to resolve issues (if there are any) with the payments and fortifies you from the undesirable service interruption.