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I have recently came across an article claiming that Pakistanis are the 4th smartest nation in the world. I do not know which the first from the third are, but that was already interesting to say the less. Once thing is certain that Pakistanis think they are definitely smarter than Indians, but the Indians consider that a joke and think just the opposite. Whatever is the reality, what refers to the ability of finding and using cheap communications these two nations in my opinion are way ahead in the world.
It should be stressed that Pakistanis were among the first to realize the benefits of VoIP communications. Just at the end of 90-ies Pakistanis were already using some sort of VoIP technology to bypass more expensive traditional phone lines. Nowadays, they are plenty of legal VoIP providers in Pakistan all promising cheapest VoIP to Pakistan and from it to elsewhere.

With the introduction and spread of smartphones, VoIP communications in Pakistan became widespread. In general, Pakistanis are obsessed with everything low cost. Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which regulates Telecom field in the country, is in constant search of illegal VoIP providers. PTA is under the pressure of Government and legal Telecom business that have invested in VoIP industry and now are losing profit because illegal VoIP providers lowest rates for Pakistan VoIP.

Anyway, Pakistanis enchantment with mobile and VoIP technologies did not run that smooth. During past years, there were moments when the Government decided to suspend various web services. For example in 2013 Pakistani Government ordered YouTube to be blocked in the country after a film offensive to Muslims was published on it. In 2013 another similar action follower this time banning VoIP communications in the country, including such popular brands as Skype and Viber. The issue is how much Pakistani authorities control the usage of VoIP by criminal elements including groups branded as terroristic.

Meanwhile, PTA is taking into consideration the fact that Pakistanis prefer having their own free VoIP apps rather than pay even the lowest cost to download a commercial VoIP app. PTA regularly motivates national IT businesses by giving various awards for achievement in Telecom field. Recently, for example, it organized 2015 Best Telecom App award ceremony, where Pakistani IT and Telecom Minister Anusha Rahman has said: “We are working for the development of telecom sector on the priority basis. The revenue of telecom sector will reach Rs 800 billion in next 5 years, whereas till year 2020 this revenue is expected to reach $4 billion. The government of Pakistan is also establishing telecentres in different areas of the country, especially in rural areas”.

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