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Trending Telecom Terms

It will be not a big news to say that the telecommunication industry is one of the most dynamically growing spheres of our life. Genius people working in the sphere of  telecom technologies don’t cease to amaze us with news and innovations, bringing to life the most unusual solutions and fantasies. So you really believe that human ingenuity knows no boundaries.

We at Voicebuy strive to make communication better, easy accessible, effective and affordable. We carry out studies and researches, trying to find out what our customers like in our service, what they don’t and what improvements they’d wish to have. Occasionally we also check the search terms, which people use to find information about VoIP services, providers, product, prices, terms, etc. We check what search terms  “bring” users to our site. The main idea behind that is to provide searchers with exhaustive information about the desired product, to give technical support and help find the best solution.

Based on those studies, we want to draw your attention to the list of trending Telecom terms, giving some short descriptions to them. Maybe you already know these terms, maybe you’ve heard, but don’t know their exact meaning, or they are just technology neologisms for you.

Popular Telecom terms

Bring your own device (BYOD)– is an IT policy where employees are allowed or encouraged to use their personal mobile devices—and, increasingly, notebook PCs—to access enterprise data and systems. There are four basic options, which allow:

  1. Unlimited access for personal devices.
  2. Access only to non-sensitive systems and data.
  3. Access, but with IT control over personal devices, apps and stored data.
  4. Access, while preventing local storage of data on personal devices. Read more

Mobility client – is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client that works on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware configurations. Mobility Client increases visibility and control across the extended network, preventing compromised endpoints from gaining access to critical resources. Read more

Web real – time communication (WebRTC)– is a communications standard developed by the W3C in close cooperation with the RTCWeb standard developed by the IETF. RTCWeb functions at a lower protocol layer; WebRTC enables the embedding of this functionality in applications and websites. The protocol is commonly used to support voice or video chat between peers. Read more

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS)– is a delivery model in which a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services are outsourced to a third-party provider and delivered over an IP network, usually the public Internet. Read more

Click to call – also known as click-to-talk, click-to-chat and click-to-text, is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time either by phone call, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), or text. Click to talk requests are most commonly made on websites but can also be initiated by hyperlinks placed in email, blogs, wikis, flash animations or video, and other Internet-based object or user interfaces. Read more

Presence information– In computer and telecommunications networks, presence information is a status indicator that conveys ability and willingness of a potential communication partner—for example a user—to communicate. Read more

Unified communications– is an industry term used to describe all forms of call and multimedia/cross-media message-management functions controlled by an individual user for both business and social purposes. Read more

Hosted private branch exchange (hosted PBX) – is a phone system that’s delivered as a hosted service, typically by one of the major telephone companies. Frequently referred to as a centrex or a virtual PBX, a hosted PBX can free companies from having to invest in the costly equipment of a complex business phone system, while still enabling the company to utilize telephony features like voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, touchtone menus, conference calling, call auditing and calling logs, and more. Read more

Desktop sharing – is a common name for technologies and products that allow remote access and remote collaboration on a person’s computer desktop through a graphical Terminal emulator. Read more

Unified messaging (UM) – is the integration of different electronic messaging and communications media (e-mail, SMS, fax, voicemail, video messaging, etc.) technologies into a single interface, accessible from a variety of different devices. While traditional communications systems deliver messages into several different types of stores such as voicemail systems, e-mail servers, and stand-alone fax machines, with Unified Messaging all types of messages are stored in one system. Voicemail messages, for example, can be delivered directly into the user’s inbox and played either through a headset or the computer’s speaker. This simplifies the user’s experience (only one place to check for messages) and can offer new options for workflow such as appending notes or documents to forwarded voicemails. Read more

Secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP)–  is an extension to RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) that incorporates enhanced security features. Like RTP, it is intended particularly for VoIP (Voice over IP) communications. Read more

Internet protocol PBX (IP PBX)– is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Read more

Videoconferencing – is a live connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication, usually involving audio and often text as well as video. Read more

Voicebuy search terms

And below are search terms, which people use, before they come to www.voicebuy.com. Of course first of all these are brand name “voicebuy” and company name “Voice Trader”, which searchers type sometimes a bit differently,  e.g. for “Voicebuy” we see: voice buy, voucebuy, vojcebuy, voisebuy, voicebyy, voicebjy, voicebuu. For “Voice Trader” searchers use such typos as voicetrader, vozip traders, voz ip traders,  voise trader, viicetrader, etc. Here are the other popular search terms:

Wholesale VoIP – is a service which is provided by wholesale carriers to other service providers and deals with start ups, as well as additions or extensions to their networks. VoIP wholesale providers usually negotiate costs with countries, they also set profit margins and resell to VoIP services, as well as provide low cost, offer toll-free and hosted PBX phone systems, 24/7 support solutions and handle wholesale origination and termination.

VoIP wholesale – VoIP is one of the world’s fastest growing technologies. Despite a huge number of VoIP providers in the world market, Voicebuy keeps its leadership by providing quality VoIP wholesale services. The company’s customer support is available at 24/7 and you can submit not only troubleshoot tickets but ask any questions considering voice over Internet protocol issues.

VoIP termination & Wholesale VoIP termination  – are used to refer to the procedures that are used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call has been routed to the last telephone company and has been received by the recipient. Voicetermination is another term that is used for call termination.

Sip termination – is a service which allows users to use VoIP technology for making outgoing voice calls to external phone networks all over the world, including public switched telephone network phone numbers, as well as mobile cellular operators.

VoIP dialer – is a software application for those who use mobile phones for making and receiving VoIP calls, i.e. making calls over Internet directly from mobile phones. To start using Voicebuy MobileDialler, you should install the application on your mobile device. The app is completely free and is compatible with any operating system based mobile phones: iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.

Wholesale VoIP providers & VoIP wholesale providers– Voicebuy is a leading wholesale VoIP provider offering high-quality wholesale VoIP services worldwide at the most favorable conditions.

Free Hosted PBX – Voicebuy is a leading VoIP hosted PBX provider, offering its customers a unique opportunity of building their own business telephone network. Voicebuy free hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is specially tailored to meet the needs of small and medium size business enterprises.

VoIP Switch– Voicebuy offers a next generation VoIP service – carrier switch partitioning solution – to all customers and/or carriers that wish to establish own ITSP services without serious investments and hardware installations.

Small business VoIP solutions- Voicebuy is providing complete and flexible small business VoIP solutions to improve your business communication.