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Some Compelling Hosted PBX Features

Hosted PBX has become highly popular in business VoIP and is now widely adopted by business sector representatives. As a rather powerful and advanced  VoIP telephony system, hosted PBX is aimed at meeting business communication needs in one integrated solution.
Hosted PBX system can bring plenty of benefits for every type of company. With a variety of advantages, hosted PBX system is an ideal communication model designed to meet an array of business needs.

Some of the most compelling hosted PBX features


In VoIP calling voicemail is a very useful feature that is available in hosted PBX phones. It helps stay connected even when you are not available at the time people are calling you. It allows to access recorded messages in the form of a text directly through your e-mail account. Voicemail-to-email feature, supported by hosted PBX phone systems, is very attractive to employees who should no longer worry about missing important calls when away from their phones.

Hunt groups

Huntgroup is another attractive tool coming with hosted PBX phones that consolidates several extension numbers configured as one hunt group. Within the hunt group incoming calls are distributed to the group of all these extension numbers. Calls in a hunt group may be delivered to one or more extensions according to the selected sequence. For example, calls can go firstly to your office phone, then mobile phone and then home phone or else calls are delivered to all the extensions simultaneously.


Hosted PBX auto-attendant is an electronic receptionist that serves to direct incoming callers to the desired extension as specified. In fact auto-attendants are a very important part of a business phone system and they can significantly improve customer experience. They not only facilitate the transfer of calls but can also provide a more professional image for any company.

Call forwarding

Hosted PBX systems also offer call forwarding which is a very useful feature to enhance any type of communication. Call forwarding has turned out to be an extremely helpful service especially for companies giving them tremendous flexibility in managing business phone calls. With this service all incoming calls can be forwarded to the designated number, be it employee’s cell phone or else home phone. This increases employee availability as well as mobility helping them always stay within reach and never miss a call even when away from the office.
Hosted PBX solutions help businesses have a large professional telephone system fully maintained by the VoIP service provider. Hosted PBX phone system is a viable communication solution delivering value-added VoIP services to your business.

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