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In the 21st century, technology has developed at such a rapid pace giving rise to innovative communication approaches that have greatly streamlined communication channels. The role of VoIP in the improvement of communication systems is just indispensable, and in response to the emerging trends in business communication, VoIP again is considered to be the most reasonable solution. Voicebuy SIP Trunk Provider

Because of the extremely dynamic nature of businesses, communication becomes a top priority to effectively deal with the flow of information and keep business processes running smoothly. Thus, in response to the technological progress, to expand the possibilities of business communication management becomes a necessity for many business owners. Business VoIP solutions for small and large organizations serve exactly this purpose aiming to simplify the communication structure both within and outside the enterprise.

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SIP trunking is one of those solutions to ensure effective management of business communication processes. SIP trunking enables the direct connection between company’s private branch exchange (PBX) and Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) through VoIP technology with the aim to initiate telephone calls. In this way companies are able to communicate over IP even beyond the enterprise enabled by the connection of SIP trunk with the public switched telephone network system (PSTN).

The adoption of SIP trunking may significantly enhance telecommunication opportunities for enterprises. Business VoIP solutions offered by Voicebuy, one of the top ranking wholesale VoIP providers, have recently been complemented with SIP trunking services which are ideal to streamline the management of communication processes for all kind of businesses.

Just by adding numbers to your SIP trunk and terminating them on your IP PBX you can give customers more options to dial in at a significantly lower cost. Reduce the barrier to contact you and increase sales. (Read more about Voicebuy IP PBX features here).

Benefits of Voicebuy SIP Trunking Services

Voicebuy SIP trunking services offer a number of benefits to ensure the successful and effective management of business communication.

  • It’s economical compared to PSTN system 

Implementing calls through SIP trunk means a significant reduction of call costs. Taking into account the fact that most enterprises deal with international partners and customers, the importance of long-distance calls becomes rather evident for business owners. And here is where SIP may serve as the most cost-effective solution for providing quality international calls for the cost of the local one.

  • It’s easy to maintain

The deployment of SIP trunk does not imply expensive purchase and installation of hardware and software respectively. Being a more virtual than a physical platform, SIP trunk is easier to manage and less expensive to maintain.

  • It provides full communication system

SIP trunk serves for delivering local and long-distance calling plans at significantly cheap rates combining extensive communication solutions. As a unified communication platform SIP trunk blends great functionality and advanced call handling features that will ensure successful business communication.

  • Free cancellation, no hidden charges, instant activation

Switching to SIP trunk implies very easy setup for customers from any corner of the world. There are no hidden charges and no need for signing a contract in order to start using Voicebuy Services. Here are the most flexible solutions to ensure a quick and easy transition to SIP trunk network.

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To start using SIP trunk services, you need to log into your Voicebuy account. If you are using the service on a PC, be sure to install the corresponding VoIP Softphone, then register your SIP username into our website and generate your username and password in Voicebuy user interface.

If you are using the service from a mobile device, you need to install mobile dialer application, enter 11993 operator code and then indicate your SIP username and password to access your account.

Upon the activation of the service, you have the opportunity to test your first call for free since Voicebuy gives 1$ credit for free test call to all of its customers. For more information check out our products and routing plans.