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Mobile VoIP: the Pros and Cons

Nowadays VoIP technology is moving forward at a faster pace and has become a worthy competitor for traditional telephone services. Along with such growth, customer expectations also develop and people stop their choice on more effective ways of communication that offers VoIP. As such, recently more and more customers and businesses switch to mobile VoIP, the latest trend in this industry that tends to become one of the most desired communication options due to more advanced and price-worthy phone services.

Like any technological advancement, mobile VoIP also has its strong and weak points which will be considered below.

Mobile VoIP Benefits


  1. Mobile VoIP enables users to make calls off the cellular network thus eliminating calling costs. This comes handy especially for large enterprises that handle a high volume of calls daily and may save significantly on international and long distance calls with co-workers.
  2. Using VoIP on your mobile phones that are linked to the organisation’s VoIP network you may have access to an extensive range of VoIP features, including video conferencing, call recording, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, 4-way calling and much more.
  3. With the widespread availability of wireless network mobile VoIP will become even more accessible for you, be it at home, in the office or on the road. Making VoIP calls through any wireless network adds on convenience in communication, at the same time keeping calling rates lower as compared with traditional telephone services.
  4. Mobile VoIP offers greater flexibility of use as it can run on devices of different kind, such as Android phone, iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC.

Mobile VoIP Drawbacks


  1. The primary factor for a proper implementation of VoIP network is, of course, quality and high speed internet connection. In case of using mobile VoIP, wireless networks are not always reliable, whereas using mobile internet requires additional costs.
  2. Mobile VoIP calls have a more tendency to come with interruptions and echo, since data transmission through wireless networks is less stable.
  3. Inconsistency through wireless connection may also arise concerns about communication security and protection. So while making mobile VoIP calls be sure to consider all security plans.

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