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Voicebuy Premium Routes Available at Lower Rates

In March 2012 Voicebuy has released its latest network improvements and made interconnections that will ensure a stable and consistent service quality.  All customers are invited to enjoy qualified VoIP calls with the improved routes. With the new routes introduced by Voicebuy, calls to various locations of the world become possible. Call establishment becomes fast and reliable.

On top of these enhancements, Voicebuy is pleased to announce about the cut down of rates in the Premium and Premium Plus calling plans. All customers are welcome to make VoIP calls all over the world with the lower prices and better quality. For VoIP wholesale resellers, this is a unique opportunity to provide VoIP services to their customers on the beneficiary conditions, lower cost and premium quality. Join Voicebuy, if you are not yet our partner, to enjoy the advantages of VoIP business.

To join, apply for an account and fill in a Registration Form now. To read about Voicebuy reseller’s terms and conditions, visit Voicebuy FAQ.

By connecting to Voicebuy (single point), you will get access to the world tier 1 carriers. For products and services offered by Voicebuy, read the Products and Services section. All of the products and services you will see there are also available on the mobile devices via Voicebuy Mobile Dialer application offered for free on the Voicebuy website.