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Leading VoIP Countries

VoIP market is growing faster and faster with each passing year continually expanding consumer market. Such rapid growth of VoIP services is due to the fact that they enable cheaper and more effective means of communication over broadband Internet connection.

VoIP technology is constantly evolving over time increasing improvements and service of quality to meet the needs of market and reach a wider range of consumers.

As a worthy competitor for traditional telephone services, VoIP has become increasingly popular for the past decade in particular with an obvious rise in the demand for its services. The demand for VoIP has rapidly spread widely covering more and more countries all over the world.

Latest researches show that for now the leading country with the largest share of VoIP market is the United States of America with over 31 million subscribers. Japan takes the second place in the list. The number of VoIP users here has reached 28 million. The third country with most VoIP users of about 21 million to enter the top three is France. The list of top countries by number of VoIP subscribers also includes South Korea, Germany, China, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil and United Kingdom respectively.

The leading positions of Japan, South Korea and China showcase the fact that East Asia shares about 35,5 % of global VoIP market, America about 30 % and Europe accounts for approximately 34 % of all VoIP subscribers.

VoIP keeps gaining more and more popularity, VoIP usage is becoming widely spread due to easy and convenient ways of communication it provides.

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