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Key Reasons to Switch to Fax over Internet

Internet fax is one of the latest trends in communications technology that delivers faster and easier ways to send faxes. Sending and receiving documents over the Internet using VoIP technology has become the preferred way for faxing since it is quite quick, simple, easy-to-use and affordable.

Internet fax supports all the features as standard fax machines, however, there are several advantages which mark the prevalence of Internet fax over traditional fax machines.

More flexibility

Using a normal fax machine means that you are always hooked up to the landline. Internet faxing services give more flexibility allowing to manage document sending and receipt through computer or even mobile device from any location as long as there is Internet connection.

Lower costs

Another compelling advantage of fax over Internet is the significant reduction of costs. Online faxing eliminates the need to pay extra money for maintaining any kind of machine since here all data transition is being performed through Internet. This brings significant savings on paper, ink, toner with no hardware maintenance costs.

More reliability

Internet fax ensures more reliable faxing services. Here the possibility to miss important documents for reasons when the machine is out of order, the paper or ink has run out is brought to the minimum. Fax over Internet provides high availability and in general is more reliable than traditional fax machines.


Be it at home or in the office fax over Internet contributes to the creation of a greener environment. It is an eco-friendly way for fax delivery since it runs not on a machine but is only based on Internet connection. This reduces the amount of printed paper saving up millions of trees on yearly basis.

High availability

With fax to email services paper documents are delivered without delays. Here multiple documents may be sent and received simultaneously without any concern that they may get lost or not delivered in time because of the fixed number being unavailable at the moment.

Multiple faxing

Online fax technology helps you reach people efficiently with the possibility to send faxes to more than one number automatically. It is a great way to send documents online to multiple recipients without wasting time on doing it manually.

No software

Online fax services are very simple and easy-to-use letting you manage faxes through your e-mail account. They are accessible through any mobile device or computer that are connected to the Internet. No other hardware or software is required for the implementation of these services.

Many of VoIP service providers generally support fax over Internet services. If you are also thinking about replacing your old fax machine with a more innovative and efficient way of sending and receiving documents, then Internet fax services can be your most valuable asset.