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How to Use VoIP: VoIP Categories

Despite a number of guides and sources on the Internet, a lot of users are still unable to figure out how to use VoIP properly.

First of all, the user should determine which category of VoIP he will be using: ATA, IP phones and PC to PC (Computer- to Computer).

ATA: Let’s start with the first one –ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter. It’s one of the widely used ways of using VoIP.  ATA allows VoIP users to hook up the phone to the Internet connection. It’s an easy process which does not take a lot of time and efforts to get connected. You plug your phone cord into the ATA and ATA internet cord to your internet connection router.

IP phones: Now let’s discuss how to make the same stuff with IP phones. IP phone is an ordinary phone which has the only difference from the usual phones – an Ethernet connector. Unlike analog phones, IP phone is plugged directly to router.

PC to PC. The last type is PC to PC category. To generate PC to PC connection, you need to download the VoIP software (softphone) from the Internet, have speakers, microphone, a sound card and the high-speed Internet connection to make sure that your VoIP service will perform fast and save your time.

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