Hosted PBX Features


IP PBX Main Features

Voicebuy offers you a complete hosted phone system for your business. Build your own business phone network and make the communication between your offices in different countries efficient. With Voicebuy free hosted PBX systems you can create extensions and adjust the PBX settings in accordance with your needs and requirements. Additionally, you can order virtual DID numbers to your IP PBX, which is another powerful solution offered by Voicebuy. Virtual PBX extension settings can be managed using the three settings groups: Forwarding, Answering Mode and CLI Management.
Call Forwarding – this is one of the most used features of Hosted PBX. It lets you forward the call to another recipient if the system is so configured. Following call forwarding options are available:

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  1. Simple Forwarding (to mobile, extension, Skype account, hunt group, etc.)
  2. Forwarding to SIP URI (the SIP server address should be provided)
  3. Follow-me (choose multiple destinations to forward the call, defining the forwarding mode – As Listed / Simultaneous / Random
  • Answering Mode – this is how the server responds (no answer, busy or switched off phone) depending on the option chosen. The following option groups are available:
  1. Ring, forward, voicemail
  2. Ring, then forward
  3. Ring, then voicemail, etc.
  • CLI Management – here you can indicate the caller ID replacement mode using following options:
  1. Hide CLI (caller ID will be completely hidden to the called party)
  2. Replace CLI (the original caller ID can be replaced by a custom number)
  • Forwarding to Skype – forward your DID number or an extension to your Skype account and incoming calls will be redirected to your Skype account. Be everywhere and receive incoming calls from anywhere on your Skype.


Another Set of IP PBX Indispensable Features for You and Your Business


  • Hunt Grouping – an IP PBX feature that enables you to ring multiple extensions (simultaneously or random) when the incoming call arrives. A hunt group is not connected to a particular handset, but incoming calls to a particular number are routed to a pre-defined group (hunt group) of extensions numbers. The call can be broadcasted or rotated through the pool of lines until a free line is found and the caller is connected
  • Auto Attendant – You can customize your voice box with a personal greeting and configurable auto attendant (call queue, call distribution, call by directory), etc…
  • Multilingual Voicemail  – Your voicemail messages will be copied and sent as an audio file attachment to any e-mail address or fax of your choosing. To access to your voicemail, you should dial *98.

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  • Music on Hold – allows you to set a music the caller will be listening to while the call is on hold.
  • Group Pickup is another VirtualPBX feature. Enabling this feature lets you create a group of persons who can pick up an incoming call at their own place by dialing a defined prefix. For example, if your colleague’s desk phone is ringing, and he/she cannot answer, then you can pick up the call by dialing the prefix.
  • Intercom is used for intercom/selector calls within organizations. This is very practical for announcements.
  • Call Parking – this feature lets you put the call on the wait until you pick it up in a different location that is why it is called parking, like the parking of a car. Let’s assume you receive a call in a noisy room and want a quieter place to continue the important conversation. You dial the known prefix, hear and remember the generated pin and hang up. You go to the other location and pick up the phone. You dial the release prefix, then the generated pin and the conversation can be continued. Very practical and needed feature these days.

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With registering an account at, you will receive up to 3 extensions free of charge. Local calls between extensions are free as well.  At the same time, you are offered a 7 day free trial for any paid service plan to ensure that you have found the best IP PBX service for your business!


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