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Grow Your Business Through Cloud-based VoIP

Within the recent period of time a considerable increase in demand for business VoIP services may be observed. This is because of the wide range of advantages VoIP comes with, at the same time being one of the most cost-effective means of communication for enterprises.

Cloud VoIP systems may be one of the most optimized solutions to improve communications and flexibility in your business. Cloud-based VoIP systems are easy to install and use, since they are totally managed by VoIP providers bringing the efforts for enterprises to the minimum. This is a fully managed telephony service with all the benefits VoIP offers.

There are a plenty of advantages of using cloud-based VoIP system for your business.


Being an integrated system, cloud VoIP systems appeal to many businesses due to their easy-to-use features which save both time and additional efforts on their part. The whole process of system operation is under the management of vendors, which means that companies won’t have to worry about any technical issues in concern with the system functionality.

Call management features

This is a convenient option for those wishing to completely manage the receipt and forwarding of incoming phone calls. In particular, according to call priority, users may configure the system so that the call rings the office phone first and after several unanswered calls it can be transferred to the mobile or home phone. In addition, some cloud VoIP systems also make possible to ring several phones simultaneously, let’s say office and cell ones.

Call routing

This feature may be set for routing calls according to the preferred timeline. Calls received outside of the set time-frame may be forwarded to Voicemail or IVR.

Monitoring tools

Some cloud based VoIP interfaces enable employee monitoring during important phone calls. Here supervisors may give additional instructions or advice to the employee without being heard by the other party.
Allowing users to self-direct their calls to the desired number or extensions is another user-friendly solution cloud VoIP systems may boast about.

Cloud-based VoIP may be a wise solution for companies which strive for better business communications to keep the whole team connected in real-time and without any limitations.