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Free Hosted PBX from Voicebuy – a Complete Free Hosted Phone System for Your Business


Differences Between VoIP and IP Telephony, PBX and IP PBXVoicebuy is a leading VoIP hosted PBX provider, offering its customers a unique opportunity of building their own business telephone network. Voicebuy free hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is specially tailored to meet the needs of small and medium size business enterprises. With Voicebuy Cloud PBX phone system you get the option of creating virtual DID numbers (local and toll-free), which are another powerful feature of PBX.

Build your own business telephone network and make the communication between your offices in different countries more efficient using Voicebuy Cloud VoIP solutions!

For more info on how to set up and manage Voicebuy Free Hosted PBX, check out our IP PBX user guide.

Voicebuy Free Hosted PBX – Broad-Ranging Features and Easy Set Up


If you are considering choosing Voicebuy as your Virtual PBX provider, please read about the advantages of Voicebuy IP PBX phone system below:

  • Extension and Hunt Group management, Music on Hold, Group Pickup, Intercom, Call Parking, Call forwarding, Answering Mode, CLI management, etc. (read more on Hosted PBX Features page)
  • Set up of Dialing Rules
  • Speed Dial option
  • Web-based and easy manageable configuration interface, allowing you easily maintain and fine-tune your phone system
  • Receiving and making calls via existing phone lines using VoIP Gateways

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  • No additional technical devices, cables, software, IT experts
  •  7 – day free trial
  •  Up to 3 extensions free of charge
  •  Low monthly fees, increased productivity and satisfaction
  •  Excellent customer support
  •  Reliable and flexible service
  • Free cancellation

We Help You Build a Successful and Fast-Growing Business with Voicebuy DID Numbers


The modern world has become a mobile and dynamic place with businesses striving to have presence in as many countries as possible. Wherever your office branch is located, you can have a bunch of local numbers for contacts and support. That is all possible through the acquisition of local DID numbers.

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or DDI (Direct Dialing Inward) is a feature offered by Voicebuy IP PBX service, which makes possible to allocate a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more extensions in more than 60 countries worldwide. With Voicebuy VoIP DID numbers, you can assign personal numbers to each employee in your company or family, without requiring a separate SIP account for each DID number.

Acquire cheap VoIP DID numbers from Voicebuy and lay the basis for the success of your company!

Advantages of Voicebuy DID numbers


Here are the advantages of using Voicebuy DID numbers:

  • Let your business associates, family members, relatives and friends call your local DID number without having to pay international rates
  • Be present in a foreign country even without the need to open an office there
  • Receive forwarded calls wherever you need – on your Skype, on your mobile, in the office, at home
  • Use the virtual number with an IP phone, softphone, PBX, or your own VoIP carrier
  • Answer your calls anywhere in the world with local virtual numbers at very low rates
  • Don’t pay international calling rates or roaming charges while traveling
  • Get DID Numbers with Voicebuy Mobile Dialer
  • Forward your calls to any number anywhere using our extremely low rates


Our system lets you easily setup and manage your account. Whenever you have any questions or issues, our customer support team is always at your service. Sign up today and make your business grow!