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Deploying VoIP Securely

Business security is the thing every businessman should consider, particularly when it comes to VoIP. Service disruption, privacy and service theft can happen at any time and cause client loss as well as unplanned costs for maintenance. For this reason VoIP security should be taken into account as the number one priority.

With integrating special VoIP security VoIP providers can make their costs manageable.

How to deploy VoIP securely?

  • Take a Proactive Approach. VoIP networks require a proactive security strategy which enables enterprises identification and elimination of potential threats to VoIP networks until it is impacted.
  • Ensure Systems-Level Approach. While firewall- type approach ensures the security of the network, the systems-level approach ensures the security of all parts of the network, making penetration impossible for intruders. Systems-level approach helps VoIP providers avoid financial loss.
  • VoIP-specific Security Technologies. Unlike data communications, VoIP is business that requires availability at 24/7. VoIP users can use the services anywhere at any time so they expect high availability. When choosing security technologies for VoIP, make sure that they are designed for telephony networks security i.e. applications such as telephone handsets, conferencing units, call processors, call managers, gateways, mobile units, routers, firewalls and protocols as they crucially differ from any other networks.
  • Be educated; ask for security experts’ help. VoIP security experts have enough experience and background in telephony networks. Any VoIP provider or individual can use the services of VoIP security experts to ensure that he deploys VoIP securely.

By taking the above-mentioned tips into account, VoIP companies will definitely avoid budget and client loss.

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