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Cost Benefits of VoIP Technology

21 century can be considered to be the period of the rise of VoIP systems, as this new technology revolutionized the world of telecommunications and technology adding more sophisticated and advanced elements to it. VoIP technology is just ideal for those who want to save money and lead their business to the path of prosperity and success. It will be appropriate to provide a short introduction for those people who didn’t hear about VoIP, as perhaps now they are wondering what is VoIP? Put simply, VoIP termination is a technological innovation which gives you the opportunity of making calls using the Internet. It is commonly known as Internet telephony and is widely used in the world not only by big businesses, but also by small and home businesses. Instead of using the telephone lines in your building, or installing new ones, you push all of your voice, teleconferencing, and video traffic through the Internet. The main reason why this technology is enjoying such a huge popularity is its cost effective feature. Well, and this is quite natural, as nowadays every business is seeking the best and affordable method of making money by saving money. In this article we will refer to cost saving feature of VoIP, our main aim is to help you understand exactly how you will save money with VoIP and exactly what costs you can cut.

Zero or minimal set up and installation fees

One of the most essential benefits of VoIP termination systems is that you can cut down on set up and installation fees. You can register your phone number for free or just pay a very small amount of money. You can buy local and toll free numbers online from any area code in the world. As soon as you buy these numbers, they are activated at once. In case you want to use VoIP with your existing phone, you should buy an adapter which will connect your phone to the Internet, as it is necessary for making and receiving VoIP calls. You don’t have to spend money for IT support, as with VoIP service any user can setup an entire business phone system without any programming. Today VoIP providers give their customers the opportunity of managing all features online with the help of virtual tools.

There is no need to buy costly hardware and equipment

Migrating your business to VoIP system, you also get rid of costly on-premise server equipment. So, you don’t need to purchase equipment for your office, as businesses can access a single virtual phone system. In this case you cut down on hardware and equipment costs.

No taxes for telephony lines and services

In case of using traditional telephony, in addition to each line’s total service cost, you have to pay for federal tax, state tax, 911 emergency surcharge fund. With VoIP systems you won’t pay these taxes, as VoIP is not regulated and operates over your existing computer network.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs

If you make a decision of switching to VoIP systems, maintenance issues will no longer be a problem for you, as your VoIP termination provider is responsible for all costs connected with server issues and hardware problems.

VoIP telephony reduces the costs of your business expansion

VoIP telephony is more affordable and scalable than legacy telephony, if you want to expand your business. With legacy telephony you will spend a lot of money for providing your new employees with telephones, but with VoIP, the cost-per-user and the effort-per-user is reduced and this process becomes more manageable.

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