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Calling Card Platforms

Voicebuy offers one of the most popular VoIP services – the calling card platform, which allows making VoIP calls using prepaid or postpaid calling cards. Voicebuy resellers are welcome to install their own calling card platforms and offer calling card services to their customers. The calling card system can be used in any country without location restrictions. Voicebuy resellers wishing to setup calling card platform should only have a local or DID number ; calls can be forwarded to Voicebuy servers.

How it works?


Once the calling card platform is installed, customers can obtain calling cards of different values from shops and markets. By dialing the phone number indicated on the calling card, customers will connect to the calling card platform IVR system which is supported in all main languages. For an additional fee, Voicebuy can offer additional IVR languages.

On the next step customer will be asked for entering the PIN code, found under the protected area on the calling card. Once the authentication is passed, customer is ready to make VoIP calls. Depending on the value of the calling card, certain amount of money will be available to the customer. Depending on the dialed destination and the cost of the call for that destination, the balance may be spent correspondingly. For cheap calls customers will get more minutes with their calling card. Expensive calls will take more balance and customers will get less minutes to speak.

When the amount on the calling card is spent, your customers may either buy a new calling card or refill the existing account with more balance. Additionally, for permanent customers, the caller ID may be registered in the calling card system, so every time the customer will call to the access number from the same phone, the authentication will be passed automatically.



  • Quick and ease VoIP call dialing.
  • No country restrictions.
  • Prepaid and postpaid, as well as refillable cards are available.
  • CallerID based authentication can be setup.
  • Multilingual IVR is supported.

If you want to setup your own calling card platform, please feel free to contact us !