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Basic Factors to Consider Before Switching to VoIP

Prior to moving to a new technology, there are always a lot of concerns to be considered thoroughly in regard to the new service performance. The planning and preparation of VoIP network also requires attention to a lot of details which may have a significant impact on the effectiveness of VoIP service implementation.

Here are the main factors which should not be overlooked when making a switch to VoIP services.

High speed Internet connection

Connectivity factor is always of crucial importance in case of VoIP based telephone network. Here voice and data are transmitted through IP which means that reliable and fast Internet connection and of course sufficient bandwidth are the top necessities, since they will be one of the main determiners for keeping your VoIP communication smooth and without any disruptions.


Since VoIP communication is implemented through Internet, which, in its turn is dependent on power, blackout cases may be possible. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations when VoIP services become unavailable because of power outages, be sure to have uninterruptible power supply at hand as well as battery backup.


To ensure smooth operation of VoIP services it is recommended to go through testing prior to the deployment of VoIP network. The phone, quality and overall service performance testing may identify possible trouble areas to be fixed within the right time so as to avoid any further complications.


The flexibility of extending VoIP features out of home or office infrastructure is one of the greatest advantages that makes VoIP a preferable method of communication for consumers. However, these mobility options that may provide connectivity at a remote location may differ depending on VoIP implementation and should be considered beforehand.


VoIP network security is of great importance especially for businesses. The privacy of data content should be a priority for companies so as to protect the network against unauthorized access and attacks. So before moving to VoIP services you will need to check the availability of protection tools against any kind of network attacks.

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