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5 Reasons to Start Using VoIP

Over the last decade VoIP has experienced significant growth turning into a mainstream communication technology. VoIP services have become increasingly popular for residential and business use prevailing over traditional landline telephone services.

Using VoIP services as a major tool of communication can bring about significant advantages providing value-added telephone services at affordable rates. VoIP has become communications standard for many businesses providing reliable and effective communication solutions.

Upgrading to VoIP telephone system allows to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of unified communications system.

Key benefits of using VoIP services

•    Cheap international calling

VoIP is an excellent tool for making cheap calls not only locally but internationally as well. Making calls to other countries using VoIP services considerably reduces rates allowing to implement international calls at the cost of local ones. VoIP enabled network ensures reliable and cheap international calls both to mobiles and landlines and for that reason VoIP is a worthy tool for international calling.

•    Increased mobility

The demand for mobility increases day by day and here VoIP comes as a facilitator for addressing mobility challenges. The deployment of VoIP services on mobile devices, which have become a basic necessity for everyday life, is an efficient way to communicate. Mobile VoIP services eliminate huge phone bills and roaming charges allowing extended coverage for VoIP communications. This works fine both for individuals as well as enterprises to effectively manage interoffice communications.

•    Call conferencing

VoIP is more than just voice communications. VoIP services combine exciting features for audio and video conferencing as well for those who need to have online conferences over long distances. Holding meetings with coworkers, partners and clients who are located in another place becomes easier and cheaper with this great tool. And the best thing about this is that conferencing tool is completely free of charge, already included into the VoIP plan.

•    Remote working options

Sometimes there is a need to work from home and still stay connected to the main office telephone network. In this case the big concern is holding the constant communication with the workforce which may be effectively accessed through VoIP based telephone network. Hosted PBX solutions are aimed at providing great flexibility and convenience for fast and cheap communications between the office and remote workers.

•    Traveling with cheap phone service

VoIP may be a great travel companion and low-cost way to handle international calls while on the road. VoIP services are one of the cheapest communication solutions for travelers allowing fast and efficient connections all over the world. The use of VoIP services is an ideal solution for travelers to save money on their international calls.