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4 Reasons to Use Wi-fi VoIP Phones

The advent of Wi-Fi technology has brought in up-to-date standards for accessing the Internet wirelessly which has greatly improved the communication network. Wireless communication has penetrated into all the spheres of life due to its mobility and more dynamic information exchange capabilities.

Wi-Fi technology has also attracted a massive attention in the world of VoIP since the convergence of the two opens up cheaper and more flexible options for communication. The emergence of Wireless VoIP phones has aroused a lot of interest for organizations of different size, and the demand for VoWLAN (Wireless VoIP phones) as an effective business VoIP solution is now increasingly growing.

Wi-Fi VoIP benefits

• Mobility

The essential mobility is one of the greatest benefits making VoIP highly competitive in telecommunication industry. With the ability to use your VoIP number in almost any location where there is Internet connection, VoIP services cater for large and small organizations to best meet their communication needs. The abundance of free Wi-Fi almost everywhere even more increases the mobility of VoIP services making them convenient and inexpensive for use not only in offices and at home, but in public places as well which is not less important.

• Cost-saving potential

With Wi-Fi showing up in many places it is possible to access the Internet completely free of charge. This means that when connected to free Wi-Fi network your VoIP calls go at almost no cost. Connecting VoIP calls over Wi-Fi hotspot significantly eliminates phone bills and results in great financial savings especially for companies that handle huge volumes of traffic on daily basis.

• Extensive features

Wi-Fi VoIP phones do not fall behind ordinary VoIP phones in terms of their capabilities. Owning such kind of phones gives access to services such as group calling, call forwarding, call waiting, speed dialing. Supporting many useful calling features as well as messaging opportunities Wi-Fi phones are becoming an excellent tool for communication.

• Flexibility and convenience

Mixing VoIP with Wi-Fi ensures a high level of convenience and ease of use. Taking Wi-Fi VoIP phone with you keeps you mobile and available at the same time eliminating any time or space boundaries. The wireless option of VoIP phones may replace regular cellular phones as an extremely cheap, fast and easy tool of communication for business sector representatives in particular.