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3 VoIP Services to Dominate the Market This Year

Within the last decade VoIP services have advanced at a rapid pace boosting communication channels both for individuals as well as for small and large businesses. VoIP has become a truly ubiquitous communication tool with more and more people moving from traditional landline phone services to VoIP based telephone networks. VoIP services continue to grow as one of the most widespread communication technologies, and this explosive growth shows no signs to slow down.

Such significant breakthrough in VoIP is expected to gain momentum in the year of 2014, and according to Infonetics Research, the following VoIP services are likely to be in great demand leading the VoIP market this year.

VoIP trends in 2014


•    Mobile VoIP

Mobile phones have been taking over the world for the recent years taking a decent place in VoIP communication world. Hand in hand with the rapid adoption of mobile phones worldwide, mobile VoIP services also spread out throughout the whole world as a great way to communicate both for personal and business purposes.

•    SIP trunking

SIP termination services are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises. The connection between company’s PBX and Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) through VoIP has the potential to simplify and boost the business communication models even beyond office walls. The convergence of data, voice and video into a single line is another great benefit of SIP trunking services which significantly reduces expenses for hardware. The money-saving benefits, flexibility and convenience prompt the rise of SIP trunking services that are expected to gain even more popularity during this year.

•    PINless international calling

For now VoIP is undoubtedly one of the most widely used communication models in the market. However, other communication services, such as PINless calling remains another alternative calling solution within a certain population. PINless international calling is now offered by lots of providers with the option to make international calls at rather cheap rates by dialing from a landline phone or a mobile device.