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3 Must-Have Features of Business VoIP Systems

Business VoIP systems play a great role in any enterprise communication nowadays. Taking into account affordability, quality service and a great level of flexibility VoIP offers over traditional landline phone services, it becomes evident that business VoIP systems can make a big difference for enterprises.

Business VoIP solutions are a great way for enterprises to modernize communication channels and leverage a more flexible business communication model. Making a move to a business VoIP system is a smart way to enhance the level of call management which will lead to more efficient business processes.

If you have decided to replace traditional landline telephone system with a business VoIP system, here are some important features which need to be considered and checked before making the switch.

Top features of business VoIP systems

Call forwarding

This is perhaps one of the most essential call management features that may play a major role for the effectiveness of day-to-day business activities. In business every call is essentially important, and every missed call could mean a lost customer. Call forwarding is a very useful features available in business VoIP systems that helps avoid missing important calls by redirecting them to any other designated number, be it a cell phone, home or office telephone number. Automatic call forwarding is an extremely useful tool to ensure that all calls get answered regardless of the physical location of the called party.

Conference calling

In today’s technology-driven world communication has become faster, easier, more simplified and more affordable. Now almost everything, including communication systems, goes digital, from real to virtual platform. When it comes to business meetings, here as well virtual world is little by little replacing the real one, since many businesses give preference to online meetings. The primary reason for this is perhaps affordability, since it eliminates the need for traveling cutting down travel expenses. Nowadays interaction with a business partner or a client who is in different location does not necessarily require face-to-face meetings. Business VoIP systems offer conference calling opportunity, which is truly a business asset enabling virtual real-time meetings from and to any part of the world.

Music on hold

With business VoIP systems you also get music on hold feature, which at first sight may not seem so much important, but in fact it positively influences people on the phone. It creates better wait experience and may positively impact on caller’s perception about your company as a whole. Putting on hold callers regularly through hold music tool minimizes the possibility that the caller would hang up. This is a great and effective way to keep customers coming back.

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